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Streetfest is striving to be a zero waste event and we need your help!


You can help us reach our zero waste goals by taking only what you need, refusing items you don’t need, and correctly recycling, composting or reusing anything you do use while at StreetFest. 


We encourage attendees to bring reusable water bottles and cups for your beverages, a reusable bag for any purchases, and reusable containers and cutlery for your food purchases.

Even after Streetfest, we encourage you to continue “BYO”ing (Bringing Your Own), both on and off campus – you may even receive a discount for doing so at select vendors!

Every disposable container, cup, and piece of cutlery avoided makes a difference!

Travel and Transport to Streetfest

Please chose active or public transportation options to travel to Streetfest.  There are several major bus lines that come to Burnaby mountain. 
Click here to learn more.

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